Australia’s Bubble Economy & Housing Bubble

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By Jesse Colombo              

In what seems like a duplicate of (which is part of the Canada’s bubble, Australia’s bubble is based on a China-driven commodities export boom commodities bubble), a severe housing Australia Bubble Imagebubble that is larger than the US housing bubble was at its peak, a household debt bubble and global “hot-money” investment inflows. Australian property and stock market investors have convinced themselves that “Australia is different” (aka the rules of economics don’t apply to them) as Australia’s commodities wealth will allow them to ride China’s economic coattails deep into the 21st century.

Australia’s Bubble is a Derivative of China’s Bubble

Australia is rich in natural resources, namely coal, iron ore and agricultural products, all of which have seen soaring demand and record prices due to the China and commodities bubbles. (Afterall, China needs massive quantities of iron ore and coal to make steel for its many empty cities, emptyAustralia Bubble - Miningapartment buildings and wastefully extravagant megaprojects!). Australia’s commodities export boom had led to a powerful bull-market in Australian stocks. The commodities price explosion has led to a Australia’s China-driven commodities-mania means that young high-school dropouts are earning $200,000 per year as mine workers, while a shortage of mining workers has led to desperation for immigrant workers. The employment minister of western Australia, Australia’s mining region, has been seeking to hire Ireland’s unemployed as western Australia has enough job vacancies to employ a third of Ireland’s unemployed. Like Canada, Australia is exposed to the severe risks associated with the popping of the China and commodities bubbles.

Australia Has a Massive Housing Bubble

Australia’s housing bubble, like its cousin Canada’s bubble, has grown larger than America’s housing bubble in its heyday and is driven by a huge boom in mortgage debt as bubble-blind investors, realtors and economists strongly believe that Australian property prices have reached a permanently high plateau (a very typical belief during bubbles). A researcher recently showed how bubble-denying Australian property investors believe in four key myths to convince themselves that the property market boom is “different” from the U.S. and other nations’ 2000s property bubbles that ended disastrously. While Moody’s says Australian housing prices are not sustainable, U.S. real estate analyst Jordan Wirsz predicts a 60-90% plunge in property prices.

Australia Property Price Index:

Australia Housing Bubble Chart
Chart Source:

Throwing all caution to the wind and not learning anything from America’s mistakes, Australians are engaging in debt-fueled splurging.

Like other commodity exporting nations today, Australia’s high-yielding bonds and other investments and perceived economic stability have attracted “hot money” investment inflows from low-yield capital-rich nations, US and Japan, helping to add rocket fuel to their housing and credit bubbles.

Australia is experiencing an obvious economic bubble and is completely ignoring the vital lessons from the U.S.’s economy-ravaging real estate and banking bubble. Nobody should be surprised when Australia experiences Lehman-event of its very own, crashing property prices and a 9% unemployment rate.

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