List of Canada Bubble & Canadian Housing Bubble Articles

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Canada’s Mining & Housing Bubble

Canada Home Prices: Headed for Steep Correction? – 3/31/2011

Canada Real Estate: Are Price-to-Rent Ratios Flashing Warning Signs – 5/15/2011

Chart Of The Day: US Housing Bubble vs. Canadian Housing Bubble (Canada is MUCH worse!) – 8/31/2011

Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar Not Safe Havens; Expect Continued Rally in US Dollar – 9/22/2011

Mike Brock: the Hidden Canadian Housing Bubble – 10/4/2011

Chinese Spreading Wealth Make Vancouver Homes Pricier Than NYC – 5/16/2011

Record Household Debt Could Be Canada’s Undoing, Economist Says – 7/29/2011

The Making of the Canadian Housing Bubble-Part 1: a Pinch of This…a Dash of That… – 8/3/2011

The Making of the Canadian Housing Bubble-Part 2: the Rest of the Ingredients… – 8/3/2011

Stop the Canadian Housing Bubble Before It’s Too Late – 8/11/2011

Zerohedge: Is The Next Domino To Fall…. Canada? – 8/18/2011

Vancouver Housing Affordability ‘Rapidly Eroding’: RBC – 8/22/2011

Real Estate Bubble and Pricey Commodities Mean Trouble Ahead For Canada’s Economy – 9/9/2011

Canada’s Household Debt Soars To New High As Economy Leaves Little Room To Maneuver – 9/14/2011

China Housing Bubble in Canada Could Create the Next Financial Crash – 9/20/2011

Canadian Housing Bubble Balloons Bigger – 10/24/2011

Vancouver Real Estate Bubble in Pictures; Presenting the $1,050,000 "Livable" House – 11/19/2011


Evidence of “Bubble-Drunkenness”

Prostitutes In Alberta, Canada Oil Sands Region Are Making $15,000/Week – 6/27/2011

Vancouver Streets Increasingly Haunted by ‘Rolls-Royce Ghosts’ (purchased by wealthy Chinese immigrants) – 6/30/2011

Bubble Drunk Canadian Parents Are Clamoring For $1,500 Baby Strollers (like Americans did in 2007!) – 7/21/2011

Police Grab $2M Worth of Exotic Sports Cars After Street Race (driven by teen children of wealthy Chinese immigrants) – 9/2/2011

Luxury Vehicles a Hot Ticket For Asian Buyers in Vancouver, Canada – 9/13/2011



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