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China Bubble Overview Articles

China’s Housing Market Nears U.S., Japan Bubble Levels – 1/31/2011

China’s Africa Investment to Jump 70% by 2015 – 2/25/2011

Why Skyscrapers Are Classic Bubble Indicators (& why they say China’s a bubble!) – 3/18/2011

China Drives a Multitude of Global Housing Bubbles – 5/17/2011

8 Reasons Why China Resembles the USA Prior to the Great Depression – 5/18/2011

18 Facts About China That Will Blow Your Mind – 5/28/2011

The China Bubble: Economic Growth’s Last Stand? – 6/6/2011

Rich Chinese Buying in London, Vancouver, and Australian Cities – 6/20/2011

Is China Driving Property Bubbles Abroad? – 6/28/2011

Bubblelicious Chinese Construction Charts – 7/5/2011

Blame Kevin Costner For China’s Real Estate Bubble – 7/6/2011

A Wage Inflation Mess is Breaking Out All Over China – 7/6/2011

Soaring Home Prices Are Contributing to the Inflation Hike in China – 7/13/2011

Proof Of A Big Chinese Housing Bubble As Far Back As 2008 – 7/15/2011

In China, Snapshots Of A Bubble – 7/21/2011

Marc Faber: China Bubble Poses a Huge Global Risk – 8/2/2011

Why China’s Bubble is Like Japan’s 1980’s Bubble – 9/6/2011

China: This Is What A Bubble Looks Like – 9/10/2011

China Faces Surge in ‘Hot Money’ Inflows on Market Turmoil, PBOC Data Show – 9/21/2011

China’s Mad Love for Fixed Asset Investment: This Graph Spells "Property Bubble" All Over It – 10/7/2011

Be Very Afraid of The China Bubble – 10/31/2011

Déjà Vu All Over Again (how China’s bubble is like Japan’s 1980’s bubble) – 11/6/2011

China Vulnerable to Asset Bubbles, Warns IMF – 11/15/2011

Wasteful & Grandiose Overbuilding is Rampant

Video: China’s Richest Village, Where Everyone Has a Car, House, & At Least $150K – 5/3/2009

Video: China’s "Ghost Cities" & Empty Mega-Mall (must see!) – 4/11/2011

108 Giant Chinese Infrastructure Projects That Are Reshaping The World – 6/8/2011

China’s Bizarre British Countryside-Lookalike Ghost Town – 6/14/2011

New Satellite Images of China’s Completely Empty "Ghost Cities" (must see!) – 6/16/2011

China’s Most Audacious Rip-Off: An Entire Austrian Town Is Being Reproduced – 6/17/2010

The World’s Longest Bridge In China Was Such A Rush Job, It Already Has Safety Problems – 7/5/2011

A Shiny New Chinese Infrastructure Project Collapses And Kills 2 – 7/11/2011

This is the 2nd Big Chinese Infrastructure Failure Of The Day – 7/11/2011

Chongqing, China- The Largest Construction Site In The World – 7/13/2011

China Is Building A Giant Stadium In The Middle Of Nowhere, Financed By Insanely Optimistic Borrowing – 7/14/2011

The State-Owned Chinese Pharmaceutical Plant That Looks Like a Palace (…only in a bubble!) – 9/8/2011

Chinese Billionaire Plans Massive Iceland Resort – 9/27/2011

Pure Hilarity: A Chef Built A Railway Bridge In China – 10/23/2011

Check Out The Lavish Government Buildings Cropping Up In Outer China (a MUST see!) – 11/15/2011

China’s Luxury Consumption Mania

Chinese Department Store Lavatory Costs $800 To Use – 12/13/2010

The Middle Blingdom: China’s Luxury Mania – 2/17/2011

Is the Chinese Art Market Boom Doomed? – 3/31/2011

The Art of Bubbles: How Sotheby’s Predicts the World Economy (& says China is a bubble!) – 4/5/2011

McKinsey Report: Understanding China’s Growing Love for Luxury – 4/18/2011

An Art Market Bubble Chinese Style – 5/3/2011

A Deep Dive Into China’s Growing Lust For Luxury Goods – 5/6/2011

Bordeaux Breaks the Bank: Are Chinese Aficionados Fueling a Wine Bubble? – 5/25/2011

China’s Art Market Shoots Through the Roof Along With Economy – 6/3/2011

Pole-Dancing Steps Into the Spotlight in China – 6/9/2011

In China, Women Begin Splurging – 6/13/2011

Chinese Art at Auction: Boom or Bubble? – 6/27/2011

Mises Institute: Paper Money Wears Prada (central bank liquidity causes China’s luxury mania) – 6/28/2011

Scorching Pace For Luxury Brand Sales in China – 7/11/2011

Chinese Luxury Price Inflation Is Even Crazier Than Overall Price Inflation – 7/26/2011

Wealthy Chinese Buyers Are Snapping Up Luxury Apartments In Manhattan – 8/15/2011

Macau’s Casinos Rake in Cash From Chinese Who See Gambling As An Investment – 2/13/2011

Casino Industry Going All-In For China’s Macau Region – 6/12/2011

Macau’s Gambling Gold Rush Continues – 9/1/2011

China’s Women Buy Maseratis and Ferraris Like Italian Pastries – 9/3/2011

A Chinese Collector Spent $539,280 On The Most Expensive Lot Of Wine Sold This Year – 9/6/2011

China Has Entered The "Show-Off" Stage Of Luxury Evolution – 9/9/2011

A Chinese Businessman Just Bought A $200K Bottle Of Whisky At A Duty-Free Shop – 9/20/2011

Prada First-Half Profit Jumps 74% on New Stores, Demand for Luxury in Asia – 9/20/2011

Rich Chinese Collectors Are Breaking Auction Records On A Weekly Basis – 10/7/2011

Chinese Tourists Are ‘Dream Consumers’ For Luxury Retailers of Fifth Avenue – 10/14/2011

Chinese Spend More Money On Luxury Goods Than Europe And The U.S. Combined – 10/27/2011

Luxury Brand Targets "Bubble Drunk" Chinese With $315,000 Wedding Cake – 11/8/2011

In Asia, The Ultimate New Status Symbol Is A Tricked Out Yacht – 11/9/2011

Burgundy Soars as Chinese Buyers Grab $69,000 Cases at Auction – 11/13/2011

China’s Debt Bubble Will Lead to a Hard Landing

Why China’s Heading for a Hard Landing, Part 1: A. Gary Shilling – 6/27/2011

Why China’s Heading for a Hard Landing, Part 2: A. Gary Shilling – 6/27/2011

Why China’s Heading for a Hard Landing, Part 3: A. Gary Shilling – 6/28/2011

Why China’s Heading for a Hard Landing, Part 4: A. Gary Shilling – 6/29/2011

Why China’s Heading for a Hard Landing, Part 5: A. Gary Shilling – 6/29/2011

Moody’s: 10% Of Chinese GDP Is Bad Debt, "China Debt Problem Bigger Than Stated" – 7/4/2011

The Chinese Debt Bubble Black Swan – 7/5/2011

Building Boom in China Stirs Fears of Debt Overload – 7/6/2011

Chinese Local Debt Understated by $540 Billion: Moody’s – 7/5/2011

A Must-Read Report On China’s Municipal Debt Problem – 7/16/2011

China Debt Drops Most Since 2008 on Loan Jitters – 9/4/2011

Chinese Gov’t Economist: Tightening Is ‘Crashing’ The Economy – 9/5/2011

Fitch Warns Over China Local Government Debt – 9/8/2011

China ‘Faces $1.7 Trillion Subprime Credit Bubble Crisis’ – 9/17/2011

China May Unleash a Stimulus Package of More Than $700 Billion – 9/19/2011

Hugh Hendry’s Hedge Fund Soars 40% YTD By Betting Against China Bubble – 9/19/2011

Local Gov’ts Rely on Ponzi Land Sales to Pay Mounting Debt – 9/19/2011

Jim Chanos, Hedge Fund Mgr & China Bear, Talks About China’s Economy, Debt and Real Estate – 9/20/2011

Hedge Fund Manager, Jim Chanos: China’s Property Bubble Is Hitting The Wall Right Now – 9/21/2011

Chinese Business Owners Try To Escape From The Unbearable Burden Of Credit – 9/27/2011

A Closer Look At Why Business Owners Are Defaulting Like Mad In Wenzhou, China – 9/27/2011

WOW: A Shocking 90% Of Families In This Chinese City Are Involved In Underground Banking – 10/8/2011

Why Are Businessmen Disappearing From The Chinese City Of Wenzhou? – 10/12/2011

Meanwhile, A Boss In Shenzhen, China Has Disappeared – 10/14/2011

The Value Of Hong Kong Banks’ Exposure To China Is Larger Than It’s Entire Economy – 10/17/2011

Trapped Wenzhou, China Bosses Are Liquidating Properties – 10/18/2011

Watch Out For China’s ‘Freak’ Economy: This is the Real Danger to the Global Economy – 10/25/2011

Chinese Property Market Bubble: Is The Problem Moving In Reverse? – 10/26/2011

It’s Official: Shanghai Bans Property Price Discounts Of 20% Or More – 10/26/2011

Protests Hit China As Property Prices Fall – 10/27/2011

China Housing Market Crash, Shanghai Homeowners Smash Showroom in Protest of Falling Prices – 10/28/2011

China Credit Squeeze Prompting Suicides Along With Offer to Sever a Finger – 11/6/2011

Real Estate Prices Tumble as Chinese Government Tries to Contain a Bubble – 11/11/2011

IMF Sounds Warning for Chinese Banking System – 11/15/2011

Chinese Banking System Nearly Bankrupt Says Professor at the Chinese University of H.K.; Nothing Shocking About Mistrust, Lies, Suppression of News – 11/15/2011

The Reasons For China’s Imminent Bust – 11/18/2011

Why You Should Be Skeptical of China’s Rise

China’s US Dollar-Commodity Vise – 10/22/2010

Hunting For Fraudulent US-Listed Chinese Stocks – 1/13/2011

Report: Corrupt Chinese Officials Take $123 Billion Overseas – 6/16/2011

Reasons China’s Bubble Will Burst: Economic Odds Stacked Against China – 7/6/2011

China’s Low Wage Competitors: 10 Countries That Are Trying To Be the Next China – 9/20/2011

Hedge Fund Mgr Chanos Debunks The Myth Of China As The World’s Bailout "White Knight" – 9/20/2011

China is an Economy On The Verge Of a Nervous Breakdown – 10/3/2011

Why We Should All Be Very Skeptical on China – 10/21/2011

Almost Half China’s Richest Want to Emigrate: Survey – 11/1/2011

Chinese And Russian Firms The ‘Most Corrupt’ – 11/2/2011

Some Things You Should Know About China (why their ascendancy is not quite what it seems) – 11/9/2011

China’s Elite Are Privately Talking About A Revolution – 11/9/2011

Bye-Bye, Cheap Chinese Labor – 11/10/2011

Analysts Suspect China’s Foreign Exchange Reserves May Be Weaker Than Perceived – 11/18/2011



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