List of US College Bubble & Student Loan Bubble Articles

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US College & Higher Education Bubble Overview Articles

Wikipedia Page: The Higher Education Bubble

Amidst College Attendance Mania, U.S. Colleges See Highest Enrollment Jump in 40 Years – 6/18/2010

The Great MBA Bubble – 7/19/2010

Charts: College Bubble vs. Housing Bubble – 8/31/2010

What Are The Two Things Healthcare And College Tuition Have In Common? – 12/6/2010

The College Education Bubble: Ivy League Edition – 3/16/2011

Pay-Pal Founder Peter Thiel: "We’re in a Higher Education Bubble" – 4/10/2011

The Business School Tuition Bubble – 5/2/2011

Why America’s College Bubble Is Next To Burst – 5/8/2011

The College Conspiracy Video (an absolute MUST watch!) – 5/14/2011

Deflating the Higher Education Bubble – 7/2/2011

The Coming College Crash – 7/5/2011

This Chart Shows The Higher Education Bubble Is Real – 7/25/2011

Mises Economics: The Higher Education Bubble Has Popped – 8/10/2011

College Attendance Mania Leads to Many More Students Taking SATs – 9/14/2011

Remember when college only cost $96,000? – 9/23/2011

College Tuition Growth Rate Is Biggest Bubble of Them All – 9/28/2011

Are We headed Toward a Higher-Education Crash? – 10/6/2011

The Higher Education Bubble Infographic – 10/15/2011

Public College Costs Surge 8.3 Percent – 10/26/2011

Similarities Between the Education and Health Care Bubbles in the US – 10/26/2011

Higher Education Bubble Update: Colleges Charging $50k+ Increases 25X In 3 Yrs – 10/30/2011


The Student Loan Bubble ($1 Trillion and counting!)

Student Loan Debt Hell: 21 Statistics That Will Make You Think Twice About Going To College – 4/28/2011

As Student Loans Hit All Time Record, One High School Valedictorian "Gets It" – 9/18/2011

Moody’s Analytics Warns Student Loans May Be The Next Financial Bubble To Burst – 8/9/2011

Chart of the Day: Student Loans Have Grown 511% Since 1999 – 8/18/2011

Obama’s Student-Loan Order Saves the Average Grad Less Than $10 a Month – 10/26/2011

For-Profit College Loan Defaults Reach 25% – 2/4/2011

Student Loans: The Next Major Credit Bubble – 7/5/2011

Shorting For-Profit College Stocks: Profiting From the Subprime Arena of the Education Sector – 7/7/2011

Wharton MBA 2013: The Class the Loans Fell On – 8/22/2011

The Party Ends at For-Profit Colleges – 8/23/2011

U.S. College Loan Defaults Highest Since 1997 – 9/12/2011

Is the Near-Trillion-Dollar Student Loan Bubble About to Pop? – 9/21/2011

"The Student Loan Racket" – The Complete Infographic – 10/14/2011

Easy Credit Is Causing a College Cost Bubble – 10/17/2011

The Fraud At The Heart Of Student Lending Exposed – The One Sentence Everyone Should Read – 10/18/2011

Student Loan Bubble To Exceed $1 Trillion: "It’s Going To Create A Generation Of Wage Slavery" And Another Taxpayer Bailout – 10/20/2011

Housing Bubble Jr. – Young Americans Mortgage Their Future – 10/20/2011

$1 Trillion: Crossing the Student Debt Point of No Return – 10/20/2011

The Government is Understating the Size of the $1 Trillion Student Loan Bubble – 10/21/2011

Obama’s Student-Loan Order Saves the Average Grad Less Than $10 a Month – 10/26/2011

Student Loans in America: The Next Big Credit Bubble? – 10/29/2011

The Government-Inflated College Loan Bubble – 10/30/2011

Screw U.: Government Inflated the College Loan Bubble, But Obama Isn’t Fixing It – 10/30/2011

Analysis: Is Student Loan, Education Bubble Next? – 11/6/2011

Student Loans: The Next Bubble? – 11/6/2011

Analysis: Is Student Loan, Education Bubble Next? – 11/6/2011

Consumer Credit Rises As Uncle Sam Funds More Subprime Student Loans – 11/7/2011

Student Loan Debt – Americans Now Owe More On Student Loans Than On Credit Cards – 11/7/2011

What Hedge Funds Can Teach Us About the Student Loan Bubble – 11/12/2011


College & Higher Education Salaries Are Booming

More College Presidents Salaries Top $1 Million – 11/15/2010

College Coaches’ Salaries Continue to Soar – 1/15/2011

Presidents Defend Their Pay as Public Colleges Slash Budgets – 4/3/2011

Study: Recession Hasn’t Cut College President Salaries – 4/4/2011

Luxurious Compensation for Growing Number of College Presidents – 4/6/2011

College Presidents’ Soaring Paychecks Raise Brows – 7/19/2011

Salary Increases on the Rise at State Universities – 7/21/2011

No Recession in College Staff Pay (more like a raging bull market!) – 9/4/2011


Colleges Are Wildly Overbuilding & Overspending (thanks to easy money!)

Got Down’s Syndrome? Now You Too Can Go to College! (colleges want your money!) – 10/19/2010

Ohio State Spent $243.8M on 1,266 Construction Projects in 2010 – 2/14/2011

Construction Continues at Texas Universities Despite Economy, Budget Cuts – 3/6/2011

As College Athletics Costs Grow, Student Fees Soar – 5/29/2011

College Tuition Rises Along With Major Sport’s Coaches’ Salaries – 6/14/2011

Construction Boom at San Diego Area Colleges, Universities – 6/21/2011

Los Angeles Community Colleges: Billions to Spend (and waste) – 7/11/2011

Adventures in Lousy Sports Stadium Logic ($79 million!), Starring U of North Texas – 8/8/2011

Overbuilding & the Debt Crisis at American Colleges – 8/17/2011

Sis, Boom, Bust: The High Cost of College Sports – 9/2/2011

Skeptics Cast Wary Eyes on UC Berkeley’s $321 Million Stadium Upgrade (during their worst budget crisis!) – 9/15/2011

College Admissions Directors Finally Admit They Want RICH Students More Than SMART Students – 9/21/2011

Private Colleges Build Pricy Facilities to Attract Donations & Students – 9/28/2011

Op-Ed: Over-Spending on College Sports is a Matter of Priorities – 10/10/2011

Higher Education Bubble Update: College Builds $192M Facility, TRIPLE What It Should Have Cost – 10/10/2011

College Sports Teams Are Big Business, and Some Coaches Are Cashing In – 10/14/2011

Chinese Students Know Every Trick in the Book for Getting Into a US College – 11/4/2011

Colleges Now Actively Recruiting Wealthy Chinese Students (even if their English is very poor) – 11/6/2011


Myths of College Education’s Value

The Lifetime Earning Myth: "Go to College, Make $1 Million Extra" – 2/23/2009

Does State Spending on Higher Education Slow Economic Growth? 5/14/2010

Students Are Indoctrinated About The Value of Higher Education – 3/17/2010

Why Claims That Degrees Have Value For "Alternative Careers" Are Almost Always Nonsense – 2/13/2011

The College Myth: Why College isn’t Worth the Cost for Many Careers Today – 2/24/2011

Is College Worth It? Here Are the Many Reasons Why It’s Not – 6/23/2011

The College Scam, by John Stossel (there are 80,000 bartenders with degrees!) – 7/6/2011

Bill Gross, Bond Investing Billionaire, is Skeptical of College’s Value in These Times – 7/2011

Debunking Myths About the College Earnings Advantage (extra $1M over lifetime is a myth) – 9/9/2011

College Students Protest High Cost of Education – 10/31/2011

Is an Ivy League Diploma Worth It? – 11/8/2011

Winds of Economic Change Blow Away College Degree: Peter Orszag – 11/8/2011


Young College Graduates: A Lost Generation

Placing the Blame as Students Are Buried in Debt – 6/1/2010

Higher Education Bubble Will Prevent a Generation of College Educated Graduates From Purchasing Homes – 9/18/2010

Young, Educated, and Unemployed: A New Generation of Kids Search for Work in their 20s – 10/9/2010

Young Educated Americans Are Giving Up on the American Dream – 10/19/2010

Why Did 17 Million Students Go to College? (If they can’t find a "real job") – 10/20/2010

Less Than Slavery: Unpaid Internships – 3/28/2011

The Great Recession’s Lost Generation – 5/17/2011

Many With New College Degree Find the Job Market Humbling – 5/18/2011

Guest Post: The Folly of Misspent Optimism: Generation Neutral – 9/19/2011

Young Becoming "Lost Generation" Amid Recession – 9/22/2011

A Dysfunctional Higher Education System That Bankrupts A Generation – 10/26/2011

Generation Jobless: For Those Under 24, a Portrait in Crisis – 11/7/2011

US Wealth Gap Between Young and Old Is Widest Ever – 11/7/2011

No Country for Young Men (or Young Women): It’s a Horribly Tough Time to be Young – 11/8/2011

Generation Jobless: From Ivied Halls to Cold Calling Insurance Salesman (no need for a 4 yr degree to do that!) – 11/8/2011


Colleges Are Oversupplying Graduates in Every Field

PhD. Scientists Are Having Surprising Difficulty in This Job Market – 3/31/2010

Will Oversupply of People With Degrees Force You to Take Mind-Enhancing Drugs in Order to Compete? – 4/27/2010

The Real Science Gap: It Isn’t Insufficient Schooling. It’s a Lack of Science Job Opportunities. – 6/14/2010

The Disposable Academic: Why Doing a PhD. is Often a Waste of Time – 10/16/2010

The Coming Glut of Financial Engineers – 2/18/2011

There Are Too Many PhDs – 4/18/2011

College Grads Can’t Get Jobs Due to Inflated College Attendance Rates (aka college mania) – 10/29/2011

100 Reasons NOT to Go to Graduate School – 10/31/2011


Even the Healthcare Job Market is Flooded

Nurse Shortage Replaced by Job Shortage (as NY nursing grads up 81% since ’02!) – 1/14/2010

Colleges Are Oversupplying Nurses – 6/15/2010

Nursing Jobs Drying Up – 6/17/2010

Amid Nursing Career Mania, Nursing Students Left Looking For Jobs in a Market Was Once Desperate For Them – 2/7/2011

Even Medical Techs Can’t Find Entry-Level Jobs – 4/20/2011

Nurse Glut Leaves Graduates Stranded in the Bay Area – 9/23/2011

Due to the Soaring Popularity of Pharmacy Careers, a Pharmacist Glut Forms – 11/2/2010

The Pharmacy School Scam is Overproducing Pharmacists – 11/2/2010


The Law School Bubble

Insanity in Education–Law School Tuition Skyrockets as Employment Propsects Dwindle – 3/12/2010

Harvard Law Graduates Having Difficulty Finding Private Sector Jobs – 3/23/2010

Why Won’t (Can’t) Unemployed Lawyers Find Jobs in Other Fields? – 3/27/2010

Is Law School a Losing Game? – 1/8/2011

Do Law Schools Give Students a Raw Deal? – 1/10/2011

All About The Law School Scam – 3/11/2011

Even Law Students at a Top 10 Law School Are Suffering From Entry-Level Job Hunting Woes – 4/5/2011

Graduate from Law School and You Too Can Sign Up for Food Stamps! – 4/21/2011

Prediction: A Lot of Law Schools Are Going to Disappear – 4/25/2011

Law Schools Under Fire From Graduates – 8/15/2011

ABA Journal: Legal Field Is Now Nation’s Most Difficult Industry for Job Placement – 9/6/2011

Strip Or Starve: Lawyer Dances Topless As Law School Post-Graduation Employment Blues Continue – 9/14/2011

The Law School Bubble Infographic – 9/14/2011

College Students Skipping Law School Amid Stagnant Economy – 9/27/2011



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