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Commodities Bubble Overview Articles

Wikipedia Page: the 2000s Commodities Boom

Roubini Says Carry Trades Fueling ‘Huge’ Asset Bubble – 10/27/2009

Richard Russell: This is a Mega-Bubble Fueled by Fed Liquidity – 11/4/2010

More Signs of Speculative Fervor in Commodities – 11/11/2010

The Dangerous Bubble in Commodity and Oil Prices – 1/7/2011

Photos: Surging Food Prices Are Sparking Riots All Around The World – 1/11/2011

Revisiting Speculative Commodity Bubbles – 1/21/2011

Commodity Prices – The Grotesque in the Attic – 2/4/2011

The Commodity Bubble – 2/9/2011

John Hussman: "We’re Seeing Classic Bubbles in a Variety of Commodities" – 3/14/2011

Fed’s Fisher Sees ‘Extraordinary Speculative Activity’ in U.S. on Stimulus – 3/23/2011

Carry Trade = Quantitative Easing (QE causes commodities bubbles) – 4/6/2011

Silver Prices Display Some Bubbly Characteristics – 4/6/2011

Commodities Bubble Correlated to Fed Quantitative Easing – 4/10/2011

Gold At Record High, Silver At 31-year High As Inflation and Negative Real Yields Bite – 4/15/2011

A Bubble in Inflation Expectations? – 4/15/2011

Exxon Mobil Profits Could Top 2008 Record Amid Crude Oil Bubble – 4/28/2011

Biofuels Are Driving Food Prices Higher – 5/1/2011

The Ultimate Silver Bubble Chart – 5/2/2011

The Conflict of Interest Between Research & Commodity Traders (how banks cause commodities bubbles) – 5/25/2011

Commodity Prices Seem Much Too High – 8/25/2011

Commodities, QE2, Negative Real Interest Rates and Gold – 4/7/2011

Gold and the Age of Negative Real Interest Rates – 6/8/2011

Negative Real Interest Rates Continue to Provide Gold With a Perfect Environment – 7/8/2011

The Impact of Real Interest Rates On the Commodity-Equity Relation – 9/1/2011

Randall Wray: The Biggest Bubble of All Time – Commodities Market Speculation – 9/22/2011

Steven Pearlstein: Commodities – You Bet It’s Another Bubble – 11/4/2011


Financialization of Commodities is a Creating a Bubble

Randall Wray: The Commodities Market Bubble – Financialization of Commodities (older but still relevant) – Fall 2008

More On the Financialization of Commodities – 6/7/2010

The Financialisation of Commodities – 11/30/2010

Traders Warn Regulators Of An ETF-Driven Commodities Bubble – 11/8/2010

New Commodity Funds ‘May Be Next Financial Bubble’, City of London Financial Watchdog Warns – 11/8/2010

Financialization of Commodities Poses Threat To Real Economy – 11/30/2010

Rampant Speculation is Fueling a Food Price Bubble – 1/28/2011

Bank of Japan On What is Causing the Commodity Rally (a MUST read!) – 4/5/2011

How Goldman Sachs Created the Food Bubble & Crisis – 4/27/2011

Silver Plunge Proves Financialization of Commodities – 5/6/2011

Wikileaks: Speculators Helped Cause Oil Bubble – 5/26/2011

The Big "Banking" Business of Commodities (a MUST read!) – 6/2/2011

Bank of England Watchdog Warns of Bubble Risk From Commodity ETFs – 6/30/2011

New Evidence of Speculation in Financialized Commodities Markets – 7/14/2011

Randall Wray: Stresses Seen at the Outer Surface of the Ballooning Commodities Complex (a MUST read!) – 9/29/2011

The Untold Story Of How Banks Took Over The Oil Market – 11/2/2011

Speculators Driving Food Price Surges – 10/11/2011


China’s Role in the Commodities Bubble

China’s Commodity Stockpiles Are New Sovereign Wealth Strategy, RBC Says – 5/18/2009

China’s Construction Boom Drives Metals and Commodities – 1/28/2011

IMF: Rise of BRICs Helped Create Global Commodity Boom – 3/5/2011

Simply Amazing Copper Collateral Shenanigans in China – 3/15/2011

Why the Chinese Copper Financing Scheme is a Big Deal – 3/31/2011

China Hungry For Africa’s Minerals, Land and Food – 8/3/2011

China’s Stockpiles Are New Sovereign Wealth Strategy, RBC Says – 5/18/2011

Red Alert On The Chinese Copper Lending Scheme – 9/20/2011

China Commodities Gamble Heightens Property Threat – 11/11/2011


Why You Should Be Skeptical of Commodities As An Investment

Why Commodities Aren’t a Good Investment – 12/16/2010

A Rising Dollar and Cooling China Will Pop the Commodities Bubble – 1/6/2011

The World’s Next Great Bust: China and Commodities – 3/17/2011

As Predicted in December, Commodity Bubble is Popping – 5/5/2011

Has Glencore IPO’d Just As the Commodities Bubble Bursts? – 5/7/2011

Commodities Bubble Set to Deflate – 5/24/2011

Gary Shilling: The Commodities Bubble is About to Burst – 7/5/2011

The Myth of Commodities Investment – 7/12/2011

Et Tu, Commodities? (a contrarian take on the commodities bull market) – 8/27/2011

Will Commodity Prices Collapse When the BRIC’s Crumble? – 9/19/2011

A "Bear" Case Scenario for Iron Ore, by Hedge Fund Manager Jim Chanos – 10/21/2011

Iron-Ore Collapse Seen Ending Most Profitable Shipping in a Year: Freight – 11/1/2011

Iron Ore May Extend Fall to $95 a Ton, Morgan Stanley Says – 11/1/2011

Warehouses in US Overloaded with Copper, Zinc, Aluminum, Steel because of Economic Downturn – 11/17/2011


The US Farmland Bubble

The Farmland Bubble & Crash of the 1980’s (a MUST read to understand today’s farmland bubble!)

Fed’s Hoenig Says Farmland Boom May Be ‘Unsustainable Bubble – 2/17/2011

Robert Shiller Believes the Commodity Bubble is Causing a Bubble in Farmland – 3/22/2011

Robert Shiller: The Next Bubble: Farmland – 3/22/2011

American Farmland: Sowing Bubbles – 4/20/2011

America’s Hottest Investment: Farmland – 6/1/2011

Farm Debt and the Farm Real Estate Bubble – 6/10/2011

Large, Young Farmers At Risk If Land Prices Tumble – 6/27/2011

Down On the Farm, Investors See Big Potential – 7/18/2011

Soaring Farmland Values Worry Bankers Who Fear Repeat of 1980’s Farm Crisis – 7/21/2011

Farmland Prices Doubling in US Heartland – 9/7/2011

High Costs Make It Harder To Grow Young Farmers – 9/23/2011

Soaring Farmland Prices in U.S. Midwest Bring Fed Scrutiny of Rural Banks – 10/6/2011

Farmland is the New Investment (up 30% this year!) – 10/20/2011

Some Worried Jump in Farmland Price Could Be Next Real Estate Bubble – 10/24/2011

Forget Gold, Farmland Is Today’s Hottest Investor Safe Haven – 10/28/2011

Farmland Has Biggest 1-Year Value Jump Since 1980 – 11/15/2011

Jim Grant Video on Central Bank Printing (ECB and Fed), Leverage, and the Bubble in Farmland – 11/15/2011

Farmland Boom (and Brewing Bubble) Continues as Midwest Land Jumps 25% Year over Year, Led by Nebraska’s 40% – 11/16/2011

Rural Economy at Highest Level Since 2007 – 11/18/2011


Possible Bubble in US Gas & Oil Shale Plays (Bakken, Barnett, Eagle Ford, Marcellus, Utica, Niobrara)

Eagle Ford, Texas Landowners Reap Mineral Rights Windfall – 10/17/2010

Gas Boom Mints Instant Millionaires – 11/2/2010

60 Minutes Video: Natural Gas "Shaleionaires" (Shale Gas Millionaires) – 11/24/2010

Marcellus, PA Gas Wells Generate an Amazing Bounty for "Shaleionaire" Landowners – 2/27/2011

Eagle Ford Boom Means New Wealth, New Problems – 4/8/2011

Up From the Ground, Came a Bunch of Millionaires – 6/21/2011

One State Where Employment is in the Midst Of An Oil Driven Boom – 6/30/2011

Living in an Oil Field: Booming ‘Man Camps’ Hold Perks (VERY high pay!), Drawbacks – 9/8/2011

Gas Boom Brings Money, and Problems, to Pennsylvania – 10/15/2011

Colleges Expand Offerings Amid Natural Gas Boom – 10/16/2011

Many Of North Dakota’s Nouveau Oil Riche Live in Wal-Marts Parking Lot – 10/21/2011

America’s Oil Boomtown: North Dakota Housing Crunch – 10/21/2011

As Drillers Strike Gas, Sleepy Carroll County, Ohio Braces for Boom Times – 10/23/2011

Strippers Are Earning Up To $3,000 A Night In This North Dakota Boomtown – 10/25/2011

Towns See Crime, Carousing Surge Amid Gas Boom – 10/26/2011

Now Hiring: North Dakota Oil Boom Creates Thousands of Jobs – 10/27/2011

North Dakota Oil Boomtown Sees a Surge in STDs and Crime – 11/7/2011

The Natural Gas Shale Boom – Lease Payments and Royalties Have Turned Gas-Rich Regions Into Boomtowns – 11/2011


Reasons For Oil & Gas Shale Play Skepticism

Barnett Shale Gas Bubble: Energy Industry May Have a Shale Gas “Bubble” on its Hands – 2/18/2011

Insiders Sound an Alarm Amid a Natural Gas Rush (shale gas plays may be Ponzi schemes!) – 6/26/2011

Documents: Industry Privately Skeptical of Shale Gas (a MUST read!) – 6/26/2011

Here’s Why The Marcellus Shale Discovery Will Be A Disappointment – 10/30/2010



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