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Emerging Markets Bubble Overview Articles

Roubini Says Carry Trades Fueling ‘Huge’ Asset Bubble – 10/27/2009

Roubini Says Emerging Markets Face Asset Bubble – 10/2/2010

‘Hot Money’ May Overheat Emerging Markets – 11/18/2010

Emerging Market Bond Funds ‘Bubble About To Burst’ – 12/20/2010

Emerging Markets: The Bubbles Are Real – 1/14/2011

Curbing Hot Capital Flows To Protect Emerging Market Real Economies (absolute MUST read!) – 2/2011

The Fed, Emerging Markets and the Money Bubble – 2/8/2011

IMF: Signs Of Overheating In Emerging Market – 3/7/2011

Carry Trade = Quantitative Easing (QE causes emerging market overheating) – 4/6/2011

Bank of England Warns of Emerging Market Asset Bubbles – 4/9/2011

IMF: Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia Risk Overheating – 5/5/2011

BRIC Countries Face Elevated Risk Of Credit-Bubbles and Rising Defaults – 5/27/2011

Carry Trades Rise In Emerging-Market Currencies (this is VERY important to understand) – 6/7/2011

Latin America Risks Credit Bubble from U.S., European Hot Money – 6/7/2011

Avoiding a Credit Bubble in Latin America: Unconventional Measures for Extraordinary Times – 6/16/2011

Temperature Gauge: Which Emerging Economies Are Overheating (a MUST read!) – 6/30/2011

Some Like It Hot: Which Emerging Economies Are At Greatest Risk Of Overheating? – 6/30/2011

Brazil and Argentina Top the List Of Everheating Economies – 7/5/2011

Argentine Economy, “A Frying Pan With Boiling Oil” Says IMF Top Official – 7/8/2011

The Next Economic Crisis Will Arise in the BRIC Countries – 7/14/2011

UN Sees Latin America Price Bubbles ‘A Risk’ – 7/14/2011

Banks In BRICs Signaling Credit Crisis With Loans Showing Increasing Risks – 8/1/2011

Emerging-Market Booms in Doubt as China Tackles Internal Challenges – 8/3/2011

Asia Drawing More Americans Seeking Career Opportunities – 9/13/2011

The New Big Short – Emerging Market Debt, Not So Safe – 9/20/2011

Emerging Focus: Risks of Overheating Rise in Emerging Market Economies – 10/24/2011


Luxury Consumption Mania in Emerging Markets

Russia Predicted To Have Millionaires Boom By 2020 (they always say that in a bubble) – 3/11/2011

Luxury Brands: Saved By The Emerging Market Bubble – 3/24/2011

Rolls-Royce Opens its Largest Dealership in the World in Abu-Dhabi – 3/28/2011

The Coming Emerging Markets Millionaire Boom (they always say that in a bubble) – 5/9/2011

Emerging Markets Continue To Love Luxury Cars – 6/6/2011

BRIC & Emerging Markets Key For Luxury Rebound – 6/27/2011

In Pictures: The Lives Of Russia’s ‘Nouveau Riche’ Kids (thanks to the commodities bubble) – 6/30/3011

Lamborghini and Ferrari Rev Up India’s Luxury Car Market – 10/20/2011

Lamborghini Plans To Open Second Dealership In India – 10/22/2011

India’s Exotic Car Market Booms As Economy Births More Millionaires (classic bubble behavior) – 10/23/2011

Ferrari Sees ‘One Of Best Years’ Despite Downturn (thanks to the emerging markets bubble!) – 10/31/2011

Ferrari Rolls Out $687K Four-Seater In India – 10/31/2011

Brand-Addicted Indians Propel Luxury Sector – 11/2/2011

A Look At Why India’s Luxury Market Is Exploding – 11/2/2011


Emerging Market Bubbles Are Rampant

Macau Property Prices Continue To Rise – 2/17/2011

Asian Property Market Leaps 59%, Stoking Bubble Fears – 2/18/2011

China Drives a Multitude Of Global Housing Bubbles – 5/17/2011

Indonesia’s Property Market Booms – 8/16/2011

The Alarming Rise of Bali Land Prices – 9/20/2011

Asia: Take Note Of Other Property Bubbles – 9/11/2011

Colombia’s Housing Market is Soaring – 9/26/2011

Back to the Russian Property Bubble – 10/5/2011

Are You Investing in a Housing Bubble in Lima, Peru? – 2011

Warning Signs of Taiwan Housing Bubble – 2/26/2011

Residential Property Prices Reach Seven-Year High in Taiwan – 2/28/2011


The Philippines Property Bubble

Philippines Property Market Heats Up – 5/23/2011

Property Bubble in the Philippines – 6/21/2011

Philippine Property Boom Seen to Continue – 6/29/2011


Thailand’s Property Bubble

Bank of Thailand Plans To Limit Home Loans On Bubble Fears – 11/11/2010

Real Estate Bubble May Hit Thailand – 11/19/2010

Bangkok, Thailand Property Boom Rises Despite Bubble Fears – 7/31/2011

Thailand Real Estate Prices Taking Off – 9/14/2011


Vietnam’s Property Bubble

The Fear of Vietnamese Property Bubble Bursting – 6/16/2011

Easy Money Blows Property Bubble in Vietnam – 8/31/2011

Ireland Tells Vietnam How To Spot Property Bubble Warning Signs – 8/18/2011


Israel’s Property Bubble

Israel’s Housing Bubble – 1/7/2010

Is Israel the Next Dubai Bubble? – 11/8/2010

Israeli Real Estate Bubble? – 11/29/2010

Israel: The Biggest Housing Bubble of Them All? – 5/9/2011

Israeli Housing Bubble Protests Evolve Into Major Crisis – 7/26/2011


Turkey’s Economic Bubble

Turkish Economy Moving Fast On Rocky Road – 3/31/2011

The Turkish Economy Is Overheating – 5/5/2011

Overheating Fears Rise As Turkey’s Economy Booms – 6/30/2011

Turkey The Next Bubble? – 8/9/2011

Turkey’s Economic Lie: Turkey No Economic Powerhouse, Credit Bubble Will Soon Explode – 9/15/2011


India’s Economic Bubble

India Needs Tighter Policy To Prevent Asset Bubbles: OECD – 11/18/2010

Is The Indian Economy Overheating? – 12/20/2010

India’s Economy: Headed For Trouble? 1/18/2011

Overheating Threatens Asia as China, India Fail to Tame Prices – 4/15/2011

Deloitte: Indian Millionaires To See Wealth Grow By 405% By 2020 (they always say that in a bubble) – 8/18/2011

HSBC Report: Brazil And India Feel Impact Of Western Woes – 10/13/2011

India Too Risks Hard Landing – 10/31/2011


Brazil’s Economic Bubble

Brazil: Unsustainable Growth – 6/11/2011

Brazilian Rent Prices Booming, Analysts Fear Bust – 6/14/2011

Current (Bubble) State of Consumer Credit in Brazil – 6/14/2011

Private Equity Looks to Brazil – 6/17/2011

Is Brazil’s Economic Boom a Bubble Ready To Burst? – 6/27/2011

Brazil: a Bubble of Hot Money – 7/8/2011

Brazilian Bubble: Sao Paulo Is Ridiculously Expensive – 7/12/2011

Brazil: a Sign of Serious Economic Imbalance – 7/18/2011

Analyst: Investor Misinformation, Hype Causing Brazilian Real Estate Bubble – 7/31/2011

Is Brazil A Derivative Of China? – 8/24/2011

China’s Slowdown Could Hit Brazilian Exports – 8/27/2011

The Dark Side of Brazil’s Rise – 9/13/2011

European Crisis Hitting Brazil Economy Hard – 9/14/2011

Brazil to Overtake UK As Sixth-Largest Economy (until their bubble bursts) – 10/31/2011


The Asian Tigers’ Bubble

Singapore’s Economic & Property Bubble

Is Singapore the Next Dubai-like Bubble? – 4/3/2010

Jaw-Dropping Photos Of Singapore’s Skyscraper Infinity Pool (Dubai Bubble 2.0?) – 7/20/2010

Singapore’s New $5.5 billion Marina Bay Sands Hotel & Casino (very Dubai-like…) – 11/24/2010

Photos Of Half-Colonial Half-Futuristic Singapore (thanks to the recent boom) – 4/24/2011

Economist: Low Interest Rates May Be Masking Singapore Debt Bubble – 4/28/2011

Singapore’s Foreign Worker Surge Fuels Economic Fears – 5/1/2011

Singapore Millionaires Top World’s Highest Per-Millionaire Wealth by 2015 – 5/5/2011

Here’s What You Can Learn From 48 Hours In Singapore (& their gambling boom) – 5/25/2011

Singapore Transforms Into a Gambling Hot Spot – 6/22/2011

Goldman Sachs Is Firing Employees In The US So It Can Hire 1,000 In Singapore – 6/27/2011

Is The Singapore Dollar Becoming A Bubble? – 8/31/2011

Singapore’s Property Market Headed Towards a Perfect Storm? – 5/29/2011

Chinese Buyers Taking Singapore Property Prices to a New High – 6/6/2011

Singapore Prime Minister Sounds Housing Bubble Alert On Personal Blog 6/9/2011

A Housing Bubble Begins to Form in Singapore – 6/10/2011

Singapore Housing Bubble? – 6/11/2011

Singapore Property – If the Minister is Worried About a Bubble, Should We Be Too? – 6/15/2011

Singapore Housing Bubble Confirmed – 6/20/2011

Singapore Cost of Living Surpasses Hong Kong’s (which is already super-high) – 7/12/2011

Singapore Property Prices May Continue Climbing: Survey – 8/1/2011

Are Foreigners Responsible For Rising Singapore Property Prices Today? – 10/31/2011


South Korea’s Economic Bubble

Korean Consumers: Opening Their Wallets, Emptying Their Savings (& making the same mistakes as the US) – 7/30/2009

Real Estate Bubble Grows in South Korea – 4/24/2010

South Korea’s Bubble Problem Due to US Fed’s Quantitative Easing – 11/9/2010

South Korea’s Savings Rate Well Below OECD Average – 3/7/2011

Is Korea Following the Path of Japan’s 1980’s Bubble? – 3/21/2011

Caution Remains On South Korean Overspending & Credit Boom – 6/6/2011

South Korea Takes Steps To Avert Household Debt Crisis – 6/29/2011

South Korean Households’ Debt Burden Rising – 9/7/2011


Hong Kong’s Property Bubble

IMF Warns Hong Kong About Runaway Housing Prices – 11/19/2010

Even Hong Kong Admits This Stunning Chart Shows A Real Estate Bubble – 10/29/2010

Great Chart of Hong Kong Real Estate Prices – 2011

30 Year Chart of Hong Kong Property Market (looking rather bubbly!) – 1/17/2011

Yes, Hong Kong Property is a Bubble, So? – 1/28/2011

Hong Kong Is World’s Most Expensive Place to Buy Home – 1/28/2011

Hong Kong’s Housing Bubble Feeds Popular Anger – 2/10/2011

Hong Kong Housing Bubble? (great chart) – 3/22/2011

Barclays: Hong Kong House Prices Likely to Drop 25%-30% as Rates Rise (this is an understatement) – 4/1/2011

Hong Kong Property: Looking Downward – 4/4/2011

Hong Kong Housing: Headed For a Crash? – 4/25/2011

10 Places Where Housing Is Soaring (Hong Kong is #1) – 4/28/2011

Hong Kong Housing Prices Up 5 Percent in a Month – 5/17/2011

Real Estate in Hong Kong is the World’s Most Expensive – 9/25/2011

Fitch: Hong Kong Housing Prices May Be in Bubble, Face Collapse – 10/3/2011

Hong Kong Home Prices May Fall 45%: Barclays – 10/31/2011

Hong Kong Companies Tap Singapore Credit Markets – 11/6/2011

Nissan Leaf Unloved in Hong Kong Where Maseratis Rule – 11/13/2011



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