Post-2009 Northern and Western European Housing Bubble Articles

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The UK and London Housing Bubble

The world’s hottest real-estate market? – 4/19/2011

The U.K.’s housing bubble put the U.S.’s in the shade – 6/3/2011

London property bubble ‘about to burst’ – 9/7/2011

London housing market bubble ‘shows signs of bursting’
– 9/9/2011

Property in London’s hottest house price spots ‘to rise up to 140% in four years’ – 9/9/2011

London Home Prices Surge as Investors Turn to Property Amid Market Turmoil – 9/18/2011

London House Prices Surge Most in Two Years to Record High- 10/17/2011

Prime London housing prices forecast to rise 5% next year – 11/4/2011

Generation locked out of broken market as Londoners need £87K salary to buy average price property – 11/16/2011

Bubble troubles ahead? – 11/18/2011

London Real Estate Bubble About to Burst – 11/29/2011

The house prices in the UK have yet to crash – 12/5/2011

London house prices ‘rise £395 a day’ 12/9/2011

London Property Bubble Ready to Explode – 12/17/2011

City job losses will hit London property prices, thinktank warns- 1/4/2012

House prices hit new peak as London leaves the rest of the country behind
– 1/9/2012

Osborne to allow curbs on size of mortgages to prevent another housing bubble – 2/7/2012

The UK House Bubble Blog


The French Housing Bubble (incl. Paris Housing Bubble)

What Recession? Behind France’s Housing Boom – 12/29/2010

France’s Overheated Housing Market – 4/6/2011

Sarkozy Should Mull Curbing Mortgage Loans for Housing Bubble, OECD Says – 4/11/2011

France Real Estate Bubble – 5/23/2011

Analysis – French property boom fuels fears of bust – 7/1/2011

Bubble? What bubble? – 7/10/2011

Now France Fears House Price Bubble – 7/19/2011

French Real Estate: A Little Bubbly – 9/14/2011

Checking in on France’s Housing Bubble – 2/6/2011


The German Housing Bubble

And Now There’s A Real Estate Bubble Forming In Germany – 5/3/2011

Risks of Economic Overheating – German Boom Fuels Inflation Angst – 5/23/2011

Hamburg Housing Gains Show Germans Seek Anchor in Real Estate – 7/26/2011

German housing market grows despite ailing Eurozone – 12/9/2011

Germany real estate even more popular than a year ago
– 1/11/2012

German Prices Rise By Up To 10% – 1/24/2012


The Swiss Housing Bubble

Cap on Franc Pushes Switzerland Closer to Repeating 1980s Housing Bubble – 10/10/2011

Is a housing bubble drifting toward Switzerland?- 11/1/2011

Boom pushes property market to the limit- 11/23/2011

The Swiss Real Estate Bubble?!- 2/8/2012

Swiss regulators alive to residential bubble risk – Fitch
– 2/10/2012


The Belgian Housing Bubble

Housing bubble set to burst: Report- 12/6/2011


The Dutch Housing Bubble

Dutch show how not to run housing policy- 6/30/2011

Mortgage Burden Looms Over Dutch – 12/5/2011

Dutch Household Debt Woes- 12/5/2011

Bubbles Going Dutch: Mortgages at 125% Loan To Value – 12/5/2011

Dutch Debt Deduction Threat Seen Jeopardizing Market- 2/14/2012


The Luxembourg Housing Bubble

People deserting Lux city due to housing prices – 4/22/2011

Luxembourg residents fast sinking into debt – 4/22/2011

Luxembourg Housing Market Healthy – 11/3/2011
(only if a bubble is considered "healthy")

Lux house prices just keep on climbing – 11/27/2011


The Austrian Housing Bubble

Austria’s Real Estate Prices Are Rising Rapidly – 11/10/2010

Real Estate Boom in Austria – 7/14/2011

Property prices in austria growing strongly – 11/3/2011

Austrian Banks Likely Next Domino in European Debt Crisis
– 11/23/2011


The Danish Housing Bubble

Denmark’s Housing Market Faces Correction as Buyers Shun 25% Overvaluation – 9/19/2011

Denmark May Be the Next European Disaster – 12/8/2011


The Swedish Housing Bubble

Sweden, Bubble Arguments Are the Same Everywhere You Go – 4/18/2011

Sweden’s bubblicious housing – 6/23/2011

IMF warns on housing bubble in Sweden – 7/14/2011

Sweden has housing bubble: politician – 7/24/2011

Don’t Be Fooled By The False Safehaven In Sweden – 11/16/2011

OECD Warns Of Bubble In The Swedish Housing Market – 11/21/2011

Denmark’s Warning To Sweden: "Do Not Make The Same Mistakes That We Have Done!" – 11/22/2011

Robert Shiller: “Sweden has a bubble”- 11/17/2012

Swedish Home Prices Fall Dramatically – 1/17/2012

Investors Ignore Nordic Housing Bubble Risks as Hunt for Havens Picks Up – 1/17/2012


The Norwegian Housing Bubble

Norway Premier Stoltenberg Warns of Housing Bubble – 10/7/2011

Robert Shiller warns of Norway housing bubble – 1/11/2012

Investors Ignore Nordic Housing Bubble Risks as Hunt for Havens Picks Up – 1/17/2012

Safe haven Norway faces potential housing bubble – 1/18/2012

IMF cuts Norway growth forecast on housing bubble fears – 2/2/2012

Deja who? Europe’s next housing bubble could pop in Norway – 2/2/2012

Norway’s Rate Policy Dilemma Pits Household Debt Against Krone ‘Headache’ – 2/14/2012


The Finnish Housing Bubble

Housing ATM Theory and Finland’s Property Bubble
– 6/6/2011



The Icelandic Housing Bubble

Once poster child of crisis, Iceland recovers
– 4/30/2012

Iceland Property Bubble Grows With Currency Controls
– 5/29/2012



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