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The China Bubble:

(Read more about the China Bubble on TheBubbleBubble.com)

China Bubble Today vs. Japan Bubble in the ’80s

Chanos: Beware of China’s ‘epic’ property bubble

The Ghost Malls of China: Inside a Commercial Real Estate Bubble

Five ETFs For A China Bank Bubble

Squeezed Middle Class in China

Tea Bubble Feared as Prices Surge in China

The Commodities Bubble:

(Read more about the Commodities Bubble on TheBubbleBubble.com)

The Next Global Crash: Why You Should Fear the Commodities Bubble

The menace of a commodities bubble driven by fear

What If 2007 Was the Commodities Cycle Peak?

It’s One Bubble After Another

Plunging Commodity Prices Are Ominous For Stocks

The Canada Bubble & Canadian Housing Bubble:

(Read more about the Canada Bubble & Canadian Housing Bubble on TheBubbleBubble.com)

Be very afraid of the Canadian housing bubble

Too hot? Higher than expected home prices renew concerns of Canadian bubble

Surge in Canada condo starts fuels bubble talk

Canadian banks not immune to housing bubble: OSFI official

Government is to blame for Canada’s housing bubble

The Australia Bubble & Australian Housing Bubble:

(Read more about the Australia Bubble & Australian Housing Bubble on TheBubbleBubble.com)

ABS figures show Australia’s housing price bubble is bursting: Steve Keen

This Is The Biggest Bubble In Recent History, And It’s Heading For The Mother Of All Hard Landings

Why the Australian Economy is Much Weaker than the RBA Thinks

So, is Australia really a bubble?

Marc Faber on the forthcoming Australian crash…

The US College Bubble & Higher Education Bubble:

(Read more about the US College Bubble on TheBubbleBubble.com)

Must-See Chart: Consumer Credit in U.S. Increases by Most in 10 Years (driven by student loan bubble)

Mark Cuban sees college like housing bubble

The college tuition bubble: Another case of ‘extend and pretend

Congress Inflates The Higher Education Bubble

Student Debt Bubble: Impending Doom For Colleges

Who Will Pay for The College Bubble

A Generation Hobbled by the Soaring Cost of College

The Political Obsession With College Education Has Created An Unsustainable College Tuition Bubble

The US Healthcare Bubble:

(Read more about the US Healthcare Bubble on TheBubbleBubble.com)

Hospital of Cards

CITI: We’re Still In A Huge Health Care Bubble And Reform Didn’t Do A Thing

Is The U.S. Healthcare System An Economic Bubble?

The Emerging Markets Bubble:

(Read more about the Emerging Markets Bubble on TheBubbleBubble.com)

Interview with RBA’s Bernstein: “Biggest problems are yet to come, and they are in the emerging markets”

Global sovereign debt – the next asset bubble?

IMF Warns Russia Over ‘Credit Bubble’

Private equity helps to finance (and inflate) the Brazilian housing bubble

Chart: At current interest rates, Brazilians can’t afford to borrow any more

(Book Excerpt) Sharma’s “Bearish On Brazil” warns that the era of easy growth and high commodity prices has come to an end

Hong Kong’s Tsang: “I’m highly concerned about our property bubble”

Concerns over asset price bubbles in Singapore

The Social Media Bubble (aka the Facebook Bubble):

(Read more about the Social Media Bubble & The Facebook Bubble on TheBubbleBubble.com)

It’s Time to Accept the Existence of a Social Media Bubble

Henderson’s technology director warns of social media bubble

Facebook IPO Could Be the Pin That Pops the Inflated Social Media Bubble



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