Links to Social Media Bubble (aka The Facebook Bubble) Articles

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Social Media & Web 2.0 Bubble Overview Articles

Silicon Gold Rush 2.0: The Next Wave of High-Tech IPOs – 1/20/2011

Do I Smell A Social Media Bubble? – 1/20/2011

The Social Media Bubble – 2/11/2011

Quora Investor Scoffs At $1 Billion Offer Price – 2/22/2011

Twitter, Digg Investor Mike Maples: Yes, There is a Tech Bubble – 3/1/2011

Is It a Tech Bubble Now? Groupon Talks $25 Billion Valuation – 3/17/2011

Buffett Says Social-Networking Sites Overpriced Ahead of IPOs – 3/25/2011

Investing Like It’s 1999 – 3/27/2011

We Have a Social Media Bubble – 3/30/2011

Is Social Media Overvalued? – 3/29/2011

Life At Startup Quora: Free Lunch, Free Yoga, Weird Keyboards, and Much More – 4/1/2011

This Tech Bubble Is Different (in a bad way) – 4/11/2011

Starting Up: A Generation of Zuckerberg Wannabees – 4/12/2011

A New Dot-Com Bubble? Frothy Valuations for Facebook and Groupon are Sparking Worries – 4/25/2011

Social Media Tech Bubble Infographic – 5/29/2011

Computer Studies Made Cool, on Film and Now on Campus (thanks to Mark Zuckerberg) – 6/11/2011

Is IPO Mania Warning of a Tech Bubble 2.0? – 6/15/2011

Within the Social Media Industry, an Urge to Cash Out – 6/19/2011

Signs of Tech Exuberance Are Everywhere in Silicon Valley (a must read!) – 7/11/2011

Bubble Trouble – Investor Enthusiasm For Social-Media Stocks is Way Overblown – 7/25/2011

There is an Incubator Bubble—And It Will Pop – 8/12/2011

Tech Analyst Says Pandora ‘Dramatically Overvalued’ – 8/12/2011

Are Startup Incubators Inflating a Tech Bubble? – 9/6/2011

Air Coming Out of Social Media IPO Bubble – 9/27/2011

Web Start-Ups Hit Cash Crunch: As New Companies Proliferate, Financing Is Drying Up – 10/13/2011

The Gossip Is That Quora Is Raising A Big Round And That Everyone Wants In – 10/20/2011

The IPO Market, An Engine of Job Growth, Stalls – 10/24/2011

Amidst Tech Mania, Young Workers Dream of Working at Facebook, Apple and Google – 11/13/2011

Silicon Valley VC Sean Parker Thinks Silicon Valley is in Bubble Trouble – 11/16/2011

TechStars’ Accelerator Founder Predicts Tech Accelerator Implosion – 11/18/2011

Big Payouts From Startups Excite Silicon Valley – 11/21/2011

IPOs Stoke San Francisco Housing Market – 11/24/2011


Social Media & Web 2.0 Startup Mania

The 25 Hot New York City Startups You Need To Watch – 6/7/2011

21 Year Old Tells All: Here’s How I Sold That Startup For $100 Million – 7/28/2011

Alex Godin, Teenage Techstar – 8/2/2011

25 And Under: 20 Hot Young Stars In New York Tech – 9/1/2011

Hey Young, Hot New Yorkers: Why Aren’t You Building Useful Businesses? – 9/2/2011

20 Hot International Startups You Need To Watch – 9/7/2011

15 Startups With $100 Million+ Valuations That Hardly Existed Last Year – 9/24/2011

The 100 Most Valuable Startups In The World – 10/7/2011

Meet 31 Hungry Entrepreneurs Who Will Be Vying For Investor Dollars Tomorrow Morning – 10/17/2011

25 And Under: 25 Hot Young Stars In Silicon Valley Tech (including a 20yr old venture capitalist) – 10/18/2011


LinkedIn Overview

The LinkedIn IPO Millionaires Club – 5/18/2011

Why LinkedIn Is The Most Overvalued IPO – 5/19/2011

LinkedIn IPO Shatters Expectations – 5/19/2011

LinkedIn: Why Its Extremely High PE Ratio Matters – 5/20/2011

LinkedIn IPO: The Beginning of the Great Social Media Bubble? – 5/23/2011

Millionaire Watch: Silicon Valley Luxury Merchants Hope to Clean Up the Day LinkedIn Stock Unlocks – 10/24/2011

The Social Media Bubble & Why the End of LinkedIn’s Lock-Up Period Does Not Bode Well For Investors – 11/18/2011


Groupon Overview

Groupon is Effectively Insolvent – 6/3/2011

Why Groupon Looks a Lot Like a Ponzi Scheme – 7/20/2011

Is Groupon a Financial Train Wreck Waiting to Happen? – 8/18/2011

I Wouldn’t Touch Groupon’s Stock At The IPO Price With A 50-Foot Pole – 10/27/2011

Jim Cramer: Groupon’s An "Engineered" IPO — Buy It On The Deal And Then Flip It – 10/30/2011

And Now Another Analyst Says Groupon Is Worth Less Than The IPO Price… – 10/31/2011

No Wonder the Groupon IPO Is ‘Oversubscribed’ — Here Are the Crazy Earnings Estimates Bankers Are Using To Sell The Deal – 11/3/2011

Groupon Stock is Overvalued: Enjoy the Ride, Groupon Investors, I’m Outta Here! – 11/4/2011

Groupon IPO is Hot, But its Business Prospects? Not. – 11/4/2011

Why Investors Who Bought Groupon’s IPO May Be Disappointed – 11/7/2011

Groupon Valuation is Ludicrous – The IPO Roadshow was Nothing More than Hype, Smoke and Mirrors – 11/7/2011


Facebook Overview

Uh-Oh: Facebook’s Zuckerberg is Time Man of the Year (it’s a bad omen in tech) – 12/17/2010

Facebook Secondary Stock Just Surged To $34 – That’s An $85 Billion Valuation – 3/21/2011

Facebook Valuation Nowhere Near $100 Billion: Analyst – 6/14/2011

Is Facebook Losing Its Value? – 8/25/2011

Facebook’s Valuation Sits At $82.25B Based On Private Sales of Stock – 9/27/2011

Facebook Vastly Overvalued, Say Econophysicists – 10/11/2011

SecondMarket Facebook Auction #43 Fails to Clear Any Shares – 10/14/2011

Investors ‘Unfriend’ the Facebook IPO: Has the Social Media Bubble Begun to Pop? – 11/4/2011



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